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Zeek Blog

Zeek 5.0

The Zeek team is quite excited to announce Zeek 5.0: it’s a major release providing a lot of new functionality, both extending Zeek itself and also growing its ecosystem through new capabilities and tools. Thanks to everybody who has contributed to this release, many...

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Zeek Project training

The Zeek Project is delighted to announce that we are going to offer the Zeek community training next month. Usually it is a one day event offered during ZeekWeeks, but due to high demand and long waitlist of people during ZeekWeek, we have decided to offer it twice...

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Zeek In Action, Video 12, zeek2es

In this video, Keith Jones (Sr. Security Researcher, Corelight) introduces a simple Python program written to help you take your Zeek ASCII tab delimited files and make them full text searchable with ElasticSearch+Kibana (or OpenSearch, if you prefer).  If you don’t...

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Zeek 4.1 Feature Release

(This is an updated version of an earlier posting announcing a 4.1 release candidate.) The Zeek development team is excited to publish our next feature release, Zeek 4.1. This version includes the following highlights: Overhauled SSL/X509 processing to make its...

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