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Zeek 5.0.7

February 21, 2023



Zeek 5.2.0

March 1, 2023



See the Zeek manual for installation instructions. We recommend installing Zeek from a binary package. Zeek comes as part of many package repositories, including various Linux distributions, FreshPorts on FreeBSD, and MacPorts / Homebrew on macOS. For Linux, we are also providing binaries through the openSUSE Build Service.

Our archive provides access to previous Zeek versions.

We sign all Zeek source code releases with our OpenPGP key.


We aim to publish a new Zeek release about every four months. For users seeking more stability, we maintain dedicated long-term support (LTS) releases with one year of maintenance. See our release cadence for more details on the policy for versioning & maintenance.


If you are interested in following development, clone Zeek from our GitHub repository.

We are also making nightly Linux binaries available that are cut from the master development branch.


Get Packages

The Zeek Package Manager enables Zeek users to install third party scripts and plugins.


Try Zeek Online is our interactive tutorial.