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Upcoming Events

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  • About Zeek Monthly Webinar Series:  A bi-weekly webinar series held on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday’s of each month featuring Zeek users, developers and invited guests  These presentations ARE recorded and shared with the community.
  • About Zeek Community CTF (Capture the Flag) Events: Players will compete head-to-head on dozens of security challenges using Zeek data using Splunk, Elastic, or CLI tools.. Sign up Today! Game winner will take home bragging rights and a $100 Amazon Gift Card.
  • About Monthly Zeek Community Call: Monthly calls that are open to everyone to discuss topics related to the growth, governance and administration of the community.  These calls ARE recorded.

September 2021

  • 15 September 2021ZEEK WEBINAR SERIES: How Zeek and Suricata work together: Complementary not Competitive!  –  11am Pacific/2pm EasternOn the Zeek Slack workspace and other areas in the Zeek Community, we are often asked, “Should I use Zeek or Suricata to monitor my network?” 
    In this webinar, Alex Kirk discusses how Zeek and Suricata can be used together and how they are complementary not competitive tools. This webinar is free, but registration is required.  Register at: 


 October 2021



You can add these events to your calendar by using the “agenda” view of the calendar below.

Past Events

Zeek Webinars