We just started the process for the third Zeek LT election. During this election, four of the LT seats are up for re-election.

The Zeek LT is the governing body of the Zeek project. The work of the Zeek LT mostly revolves around topics such as event planning, outreach activities, or project finances; it is not technical in nature.

All active members of the community are eligible to self-nominate for a seat on the LT. Please note that you do not have to be a contributor to the Zeek codebase or have deep technical knowledge of the project to be on the Zeek LT – it is enough if you are active/known in the community in some ways. You could for example be active on our forums or on Slack, be someone who is testing Zeek releases and giving feedback, or someone who is active in the community by regularly giving talks on Zeek, etc.

If this describes you – please consider nominating yourself for a position on the LT – having a lot of active and engaged people on the LT is very important for the future of the project.

For more details about the election – please see our discourse post.

You can nominate yourself (or someone else) till the 20th of August. Please submit nominations for a seat on the LT at https://forms.gle/jYXLgAZXTjtG8qAP8

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