One of the goals of the Zeek Project this year is to form a Zeek training subgroup that will focus on formulating some preliminary goals for Zeek approved training and tackle broader topics in the area of Zeek training. Frequently, we are asked about where people can find Zeek-related training and whether there is a central place to find Zeek-related training content. Hence to address the needs of the community and in general have some training programs that are approved by the Zeek project, we are creating this subgroup to focus on these goals. 

Are you a Zeek user who is passionate about working with the Zeek community to improve one of the most crucial areas of the Zeek Project – the Training material? If so, then this is an opportunity to get involved with various aspects of Zeek Training, from the creation of content to building the processes around the Zeek-approved training framework, together with other important goals of this subgroup.

This group will work towards the following objectives:

High-level Goals of Zeek Training Subgroup

  • Build an effective framework for Zeek-approved training.
  • Build vetting processes around Zeek-approved training. 
  • Help build the content for training, and keep it up-to-date.
  • Provide training at Zeek events (for those interested in doing so).
  • Help with logistics around the training like creating/hosting exclusive training events, organizing online/public training classes etc.

This is an invitation to the community members to apply to become part of this training subgroup and help make an impact in the open source project by getting involved in the efforts and decision-making around Zeek training.  

Please submit your interest to become part of the Zeek Training Subgroup by filling out this short form:

Current Zeek Training Subgroup members 

  • Keith Lehigh – Moderator/Volunteer
  • Fatema Bannat Wala – Lead
  • Michael Dopheide – Volunteer
  • Aashish Sharma – Volunteer
  • Nick Turley – Volunteer

Logistics around the Subgroup

  • Slack channel – #training (open to the community to join to know the latest and greatest news about the subgroup or ask any questions) – Join the Zeek Slack Workspace
  • Mailing list – (private, used for communications between the subgroup members)
  • Regular meetings – TBD
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