We are now in the Testimonial Phase of the Zeek Leadership Team (LT) elections.  

Thank you so much to all of you who provided nominations. The LT reviewed each nomination and the following individuals will be running for a seat on the LT: 

  • Aashish Sharma
  • Fatema Bannat Wala
  • Jeff Atkinson
  • Johanna Amann
  • Keith Lehigh
  • Nick Turley
  • Scott Campbell
  • Seth Hall
  • Vlad Grigorescu

If you would like to leave a testimonial for any of the nominees you may do so by filling out this webform (sign in required; no anonymous testimonials will be allowed).  You may endorse as many of the nominees as you wish. Only positive testimonials will be considered.  

Since the current Zeek LT will be the ones voting, only they will see the testimonials. 

More information about the elections process can be found at: https://zeek.org/2020/08/12/zeek-leadership-team-elections-nominations-phase-now-open/