Early today the Zeek Leadership Team (LT) announced the new Zeek governance framework and process.  As noted, we are holding our very first Zeek Project LT elections this year. The first phase of the election process is the nominations phase.  There are 9 seats on the Zeek LT,   8 voting seats and 1 non-voting seat.  Of the 9 seats on the LT, there are 6 individual seats eligible for this election at this time 

Starting today, 12 August 2020 through 24 August 2020 at 11:59pm PDT we will be taking nominations for candidates to fill these 6 seats. 

Who is eligible?

Anyone who is an active community member with sustained engagement with the project is eligible to run for an individual seat on the Zeek LT.  

If you are unsure if you are eligible, please nominate yourself anyway.  The current LT will be reviewing all nominations and will let you know if you meet the criteria. 

Please note that engagement doesn’t only mean code contributions.  If you or someone you know has helped with any area of the project and are currently active and engaged, please consider nominating yourself or others. 

What are the individual responsibilities of the LT Members?

All members of the LT must commit to:

  • Attend at least 90% of LT meetings each year (scheduled every 2 weeks; online)
  • Participate in LT discussions and decision-making process
  • Review and respond to all polls & votes by stated time 
  • Be an ambassador of the project and abide by the Community Code of Conduct
  • Help plan annual goals for the Zeek Project 
  • Make at least 4 hrs a week available for LT and project activities
  • Take responsibility for at least one specific area of the project
  • Attend ZeekWeek (once a year; the Zeek Project does not reimburse travel expenses)*

*Please note if your organization does not sponsor your participation in ZeekWeek please speak with the Zeek LT Chair.

How do nominations work?

Please fill out this webform. Do not send nomination emails to members of the LT.  Those nominations will not be considered.  Only those who fill out the webform will be considered and reviewed. 

Information that you will be asked to contribute on the webform include:

  • Name of Nominee:
  • Email Address of Nominee: 
  • Are you nominating yourself or someone else?
  • If someone else, do they know you are nominating them? 
  • If someone else, please give us your name and contact information. 
  • Why would you like to be part of the LT?
  • How long have you been active in the community?  What areas do you contribute to?
  • Is there any other information that you would like to include for consideration on your nomination. 

Who will vote on the eligible nominees?

The current LT will vote in this election. 

What is the term for LT Members?

In order to maintain continuity we will fill half the seats annually, except during the first term under the new governance structure.  For this first term, the LT Chair will solicit volunteers or randomly select half the members to serve a 3-year term with the other half serving a two-year term.  Delaying the annual replacement process for a full two-year term allows the new LT to focus on implementing community voting and accomplishing other significant goals.

In future elections, the Zeek community will take part in the voting process.   A process will be defined and ratified prior to the next election in 2022.  

Timeline of this year’s LT Elections Process (Current Phase in Bold):

12  August 2020 – Nomination period begins  

23  August – Nomination period ends

24  August – Review process begins

 4   September- Review process ends

 7   September – Testimonial phase begins

18  September – Testimonial phase ends

21  September – Voting process begins 

 2  October – Voting process ends

 5  October –  Candidates are notified

 6  October – Change in Leadership starts and Community Notified

14  October – New members introduced at Zeek Week

20  October – Change in Leadership ends – new members in Place

What happens at each stage of the Election Process?

  • Nomination Phase During this phase, you can nominate yourself or someone you know for a seat on the LT by using a webform. Email submissions are not accepted.   
  • Review Phase During this phase, the LT will ensure all nominees are eligible to run and they understand the roles and responsibilities and are willing to run.
  • Testimonial Phase During this phase, the nominee list will be made public and members of the community will be encouraged to add a testimonial. (only positive testimonials will be included)
  • Voting Phase During this phase, members of the current Zeek LT will vote on the candidates. 
  • Notification Candidates will be notified via email then the following day the community will be notified. 
  • Change in Leadership A two week period to allow for onboarding and knowledge transfer. During the 2-week transition period, the new LT members will vote on a Chairperson. 

More information and details on this process can be found on the Zeek Project Leadership Team Process and Description wiki page.

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