Welcome to the Zeek Monthly Newsletter, Issue 1 covers December 2019 as well as upcoming events.

In this Issue: 

  • General Community News/Updates
  • Development Updates
  • Zeek In the News
  • Interviews
  • Threat of the Month
  • Upcoming Events
  • Contribution/Contributor of the Month
  • Zeek Related Issues
  • Publication Schedule
  • Get Involved

General Community News/Updates

We’re very excited to publish this first Zeek newsletter. This newsletter will be published monthly on the first full week of each month. The publication schedule can be found below.

In this issue you’ll notice some sections will only have a description as we are actively looking for content and contributors. Please consider becoming an editor. If you are interested please email news@zeek.org

Development Updates

Zeek 3.0.1 release available​ – This is a bug-fix release that most notably addresses a JSON logging performance regression in 3.0.0, but also fixes other minor bugs.


Zeek in the News

This section will be for articles published outside of the Zeek Blog. If you come across articles referencing Zeek in your news feed and you’d like us to share it in the newsletter, please send the link to ​news@zeek.org​ or add it to the ​Issue 2​ working document.

Interviews with LT/Core Contributors/Other

What community member or contributor would you like to know more about? If you have suggestions please email us at ​  news@zeek.org.​ Since there wasn’t any from December and this is our first newsletter below are the links to a couple from earlier in 2019.

* Robin Sommer – https://blog.zeek.org/2019/04/people-of-zeek-interview-series-robin.html 

* Zeke Medley – https://blog.zeek.org/2019/06/people-of-zeek-interview-series.html

* Fatema Bannat Wala – https://blog.zeek.org/2019/07/people-of-zeek-interview-series.html

Threat of the Month

Do you have a threat you’d like to share with the community and how using Zeek in your security stack helped you identify that threat? Please email ​news@zeek.org​ and we’ll work with you to get it written up and shared in the next newsletter.

Upcoming Events

If you or your organization would like to host a Zeek event or if you know of any public Zeek related workshops, please send us the links so that we can include those in the newsletter and on the website.

Ask the Zeeksperts

Ask the Zeeksperts is a one hour bi-weekly call that is hosted by various “Zeeksperts” in the community. This is where you can drop by and ask your Zeek Related questions. The webinars are free to attend, but registration is required.

* 16 January 2020 – 12:30pm PT – Hosted by Seth Hall


* 30 January 2020 – 12:30pm PT – Host Robin Sommer


How to use a Raspberry Pi as a Network Sensor Webinar

Our webpage also has a handy list of the community resources mentioned in this blog post. And as always,  if you have questions, or comments reach out to us on any of the mentioned resources.

* 16 January 2020 – 2:00PM EST

This webinar is being hosted by Black Hills Information Security and presented by
Bill Sterns, from Active Countermeasures.

This webcast will cover running a network sensor using a Raspberry Pi, a miniature single-board computer that runs most anything you can run under Linux.

Bill will show you how to install and use the Zeek IDS and cover the performance aspects you’ll need to know. Setting up IDSs that cost about the same as a bike means you can monitor far more network segments simultaneously, and hide them behind a power brick if you have to.

Register for this webinar at: https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/2540509980495221261

Zeek Days Workshops

*18 February 2020 – Portland OR

This is a one day Zeek workshop hosted by Portland State University and sponsored by Corelight, Inc.

This workshop is free to attend by registration is required.

In this workshop we’ll introduce you to Zeek, best practice around deploying and running Zeek then we’ll take a deeper look at the Zeek logs and how to use the data derived from the Zeek logs.

And for those who want to know more and become an active contributor and participant in the Zeek community we’ll get you started.

Registration and more information:


Contribution/Contributor of the Month

Check out packages.zeek.org Every month we’ll pick a package to highlight. Consider
contributing a package during January 2020, so we can highlight your contribution on the Zeek Blog and in the February 2020 Zeek Newsletter.

If you’d like to review the packages and interview the contributors, please email news@zeek.org.

Zeek-related Jobs

If you or someone you know have any Zeek related job postings you’d like us to share in the monthly newsletter please send links to news@zeek.org.

Publication Schedule

* Issue 1 – January 2020 (Covers December 2019) – 14 January 2020 

* Issue 2 – February 2020 (Covers January 2020) – 3 February 2020 

* Issue 3 – March 2020 (Covers February 2020) – 2 March 2020

* Issue 4 – April 2020 (Covers March 2020) – 6 April 2020

* Issue 5 – May 2020 (Covers April 2020) – 4 May 2020

* Issue 6 – June 2020 (Covers May 2020) – 1 June 2020

* Issue 7 – July 2020 (Covers June 2020) – 6 July 2020

* Issue 8 – August 2020 (Covers July 2020) – 3 August 2020

* Issue 9 – September 2020 (Covers August 2020) – 7 September 2020

* Issue 10 – Special Issue 1 – September 2020 (Covers ZeekWeek 2020) – 21 September 2020 

* Issue 11 – October 2020 (Covers September 2020) – 5 October 2020

* Issue 12 – November 2020 (Covers October 2020) – 2 November 2020 

* Issue 13 – December 2020 (Covers November 2020) – 7 December 2020 

* Issue 14 – Special Issue 2 – (Year End Review) – 21 December 2020

Get Involved

If you are interested in getting involved with the Zeek Newsletter, please email news@zeek.org

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