Over the last 25 years, the open source Zeek (formerly Bro) Project has experienced remarkable growth. From humble origins as a tool to accelerate network research, Zeek has evolved into a critical platform for network defenders around the world, and has become the acknowledged ‘gold standard’ for monitoring, understanding, and analyzing network traffic.  Over the same time period, the Zeek community (of operators, defenders, researchers, and developers) has grown significantly as well.  In 2020, our community is broad, knowledgeable, and diverse! 

Given all this success, the Zeek Leadership Team (LT) felt it was time to better articulate the project’s governance framework, and more carefully define leadership roles and opportunities for broader participation.   

To this end, the LT has worked over the past several months to define and ratify a new governance framework document focused on Leadership Team roles, duties, and election processes.  Today, we are happy to share that document with our community.  At the same time, we are also sharing a new document focused on the project’s technical governance framework

And finally, we are now announcing our first community election process, for the Zeek Leadership Team.  Starting today, 12 August 2020 the nominations phase of the election will be open.  A separate post will follow on the election process, and we encourage you to read that and consider participating.  

The Zeek LT would like to thank the community for helpful feedback on earlier drafts of these  documents. 

If you or someone you know would like to be part of the Zeek Leadership Team, please take a moment to read our description of our new governance framework, along with the upcoming call for nominations.

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