Since we won’t be holding any in-person Zeek events for the foreseeable future, we’d like to invite you to be part of a new weekly ‘Zeek From Home’ webinar series to kick off in April. The schedule will be announced once we have a few submissions queued up. 

These presentations will be recorded and shared via the Zeek mailing list, blog and Twitter account. 

Share Your Knowledge

Do you want to help shape the future of open-source network security solutions by sharing your knowledge of Zeek as well as influence the direction of the project?  Here’s your chance!! 

Are you a Threat Hunter or Incident Responder who uses Zeek as part of your security stack?  Do you have a user story that highlights how Zeek helped resolve an issue? 

It doesn’t matter where you get your Zeek: The Zeek Project, Security Onion, Rock NSM, Bricata, Brim Security, Corelight or others. Consider submitting a talk for this webinar series and share what you’ve learned, best practice, challenges or tips and tricks. 

In addition to the above suggestions, what about Zeek related presentations that include topics listed below or if you have additional topics you’d like to suggest or present please send those as well. 

  • Zeek as a tool for solving problems
  • Interesting user stories, solutions, or research projects
  • A postmortem analysis of a security incident, emphasizing Zeek’s contribution
  • The value Zeek brings to your professional work
  • Using Zeek for more than intrusion detection
  • Useful integrations linking Zeek and another tool
  • Panel Discussions – Would you like to be part of an online Zeek related panel discussion or do you have an idea for a panel discussion?
  • Online training?  Do you have a Zeek-related training session you’d like to share as part of this series? 
  • Virtual CTF? – Do you have a Zeek related CTF you’d like for the community to participate in?

Please, absolutely no product presentations, sales or marketing pitches. 

If you’d like to submit a presentation for this webinar series please fill out the submission webform.

The webform will ask for the following information: 

  • Email Address for person submitting the presentation
  • Name of Person Submitting the presentation (First, Last)
  • List of others who may be helping present this webinar.  Please list names and email addresses if different or in addition to the person submitting the presentation.
  • Title of Presentation
  • Presentation Abstract – This information will be used to promote the webinar.  (Please note we reserve the right to edit the abstract prior to promoting this webinar)
  • Presenter Bio – This information will be used to promote the webinar.  (Please note we reserve the right to edit the bio prior to promoting this webinar)
  • Link to slides (If the slides aren’t ready at the time of submission, then you will be asked for the slides 2 weeks before your webinar.)

Prior to scheduling your webinar, we will need to review your slides. 

Please email if you have any questions about the Zeek From Home webinar series or your presentation submission. 

Without each of you there is no community, so let’s keep sharing our knowledge and together we can make the community stronger!