We announce the release of Bro v2.5.2. The new version is now available for download at https://bro.org/download/index.html or directly at https://www.bro.org/downloads/bro-2.5.2.tar.gz.

Binary packages for the new version are currently building and will be available in the next hours at https://bro.org/download/packages.html

This is a security release that fixes an out-of-bound write in the ContentLine analyzer. This issue can be used by remote attackers to crash Bro (i.e. a DoS attack). There also is a possibility this can be exploited in other ways.

This bug was found by Frank Meier. A CVE has been requested for this bug.

Bro 2.5.2 does not contain any other changes. We urge everyone to update their installation as quickly as possible.

Due to the potential severity of this bug we also provide a patched version of Bro v2.4.2. The only difference to version v2.4.1 is this bugfix. Please note that we encourage users to use version 2.5.2 instead; we do generally not provide security updates for old releases; version 2.4.2 is missing a number of other bugfixes that were applied to v2.5.2.

Version 2.4.2 is available for download at https://www.bro.org/downloads/bro-2.4.2.tar.gz.

Feel free to use our mailing list or the bug tracker to provide feedback or report problems.