It has been baking for a while, but now fresh out of the oven: we’re happy to make a beta version of Bro 2.2 available on the download page for testing.

Bro 2.2 comes with plenty new functionality, including a new file analysis framework for processing the content of files; a framework for transparent, distributed computation of summary statistics; a set of probabilistic data structures; protocol support for GridFTP, Modbus, and DNP3; a number of extensions to the scripting language; and much more. See the NEWS for more, and CHANGES for the exhaustive list. We have also extended the documentation significantly, including a new chapter on writing Bro scripts by Scott Runnels.

For the final Bro 2.2 release, we’ll do more testing and also polish the documentation a bit further. Please let us know if you find anything that doesn’t work or look right; the tracker is the best way to report any issues you encounter.

The Bro Team