Another ZeekWeek means another ZeekWeek CTF! This will be the 2nd year of this event. In full observation of the stereotypical behavior associated with the “terrible twos”, expect defiant and unruly puzzles 😀

What is this thing?

Not only are CTFs a great way to show your skillz, they are also a great way to grow them. Curious what to expect? Have a read through last year’s CTF summary.

When is this thing?

This year’s CTF will begin on the second day of ZeekWeek, Oct 14, at 9:40am PST (just after David Monnier’s keynote). The event will run until 1:10pm PST on Oct 15 (just before the Ask the Speakers Q&A session). The CTF will run in parallel to the presentations. See the ZeekWeek schedule for a roadmap of the talks. We hope to have scores tallied and winners announced before the final session (Summary, Wrap-Up and Thank you’s) on Oct 15.

How do I do this thing?

First, register for ZeekWeek. We will send details on how to play the CTF to attendees by Oct 12. Then, join the #zw21-ctf channel in the Zeek Slack group. This channel will be used for announcements during the competition. Lastly, play the CTF! Have some fun! Learn some things! 

Are there prizes?

You bet! Besides winning knowledge – the most valuable of all prizes – the top 3 scoring participants will receive Amazon gift cards. Knowledge is free for all participants but gift cards are only available for US citizens and non-Corelight employees. Only 1 gift card will be awarded per team/individual. ZeekWeek CTF facilitators reserve the right to disqualify accounts or negate points for any reason. If you want to win a prize, you’ll need to provide a real email address and play nice.

Last year, we awarded points for solution write-ups which we then shared via a post-event blog. While we won’t be awarding points for solution write-ups this year, we do plan to publish another post-event blog with solutions. If you’d like to contribute to this blog please send your write-ups or video walk-throughs to the CTF facilitators.