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As is the tradition, ZeekWeek 2021 will again include a roadmap session summarizing our plans for the next couple of Zeek releases. This session will be part of the Developer’s Track on Day 3 (October 15), and will be followed by more in-depth presentations digging deeper into some of the efforts already under way.

While this discussion will focus on what the development team is already planning to work on, we would also like to take the opportunity to collect suggestions on future directions: What do you think we should be working on? What features would you like to see? What challenges are you running into that we can fix? Maybe you’re even working on something yourself already that you would like to see go into one of the next Zeek releases? Let us know, and we’ll incorporate your suggestions.

To provide input, please either start a GitHub Discussion for general ideas, suggestions, and feature requests; open a ticket on our GitHub issue tracker for immediate action items; or just post your thoughts on Slack in  #development.

See you all at ZeekWeek 2021.


About ZeekWeek:

ZeekWeek (formerly BroCon) is the most important community event for users, developers, incident responders, threat hunters and architects who rely on the open-source Zeek network security monitor as a critical element in their security stack. 

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