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The Zeek Project is pleased to announce that David Monnier will keynote the vZeekWeek 2021 Day 2  Professionals/User Track on 14 October 2021.  

David Monnier is a Team Cymru Fellow at Team Cymru, Inc., a specialized Internet security research firm based in Lake Mary, Florida, USA. Team Cymru uses data-driven intelligence to assist in understanding the real impact of cyber-crime.  David excels at describing the complex nature of the cyber underground and its players, to executives and technologists alike. Understanding that real-world security involves both technology and business considerations, David helps organizations to fully consider their security and policy decisions. As a result, David has traveled the world presenting security ideas and solving organizations’ hardest problems.

 With over twenty years of experience in a wide-range of technologies, David brings a wealth of knowledge and understanding to every situation. He began his career performing UNIX and Linux administration in academic and high-performance computing environments, where he helped build some of the most powerful computational systems of their day. After systems administration, David moved into Internet security, serving as a Lead Security Engineer for a Big Ten University and later helping to launch the Research and Education Networking ISAC, part of the formal U.S. ISAC community. David was invited to join Team Cymru in 2007, where he has served as their Senior Engineer and later as a Security Evangelist. 

In 2010, David was granted the title of Team Cymru Fellow, a highest honor of Team Cymru. David has led multiple teams as part of Team Cymru ranging from Engineering, Outreach,  Threat Intelligence, Sales, Marketing, and Client Success.

About ZeekWeek:

ZeekWeek (formerly BroCon) is the most important community event for users, developers, incident responders, threat hunters and architects who rely on the open-source Zeek network security monitor as a critical element in their security stack. 

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