The Mozilla Open Source Support (MOSS) program has awarded the Bro Project a $200,000 grant to develop the Comprehensive Bro Archive Network (CBAN), a public repository for sharing 3rd-party scripts and plug-ins.

CBAN has been a proposed project for some time but requires more time and resources than we were able to dedicate to its development. This grant will allow us to acquire the people and hardware needed without sidetracking Bro’s core development.

For members the community, CBAN solves the key challenge of helping people extend Bro beyond our provided scripts. Users will be able to easily share scripts, up-vote the best ones, and possibly have their scripts incorporated into Bro. Our hope is for CBAN to grow into a substantial repository, curated by the Bro community and its development team.

To learn more about the award and the other recipients, see Mozilla’s blog post.

We thank the Mozilla Open Source Support program for its support.