Bro has seen exponential growth over the past five years since the release of version 2.0. This is seen in the growth of attendees and organizations at BroCon, Twitter followers, IRC channel usage, downloads, and more. Much of the credit to this surge of activity goes to the National Science Foundation, which at a key time provided us with the support for software engineering the project had long needed, and which continues to fund the NSF Bro Center to help NSF communities and higher-ed. Help us with the next stage of our growth. Become a precious metal sponsor and investor in the Bro Future Fund.

In this year, our 20th anniversary, we joined Software Freedom Conservancy.  This alliance will support our continued growth, further build the community of support, and stay true to our open source heritage.  We have likewise formed a leadership steering team drawing upon community representatives that depend upon Bro for their day-to-day operations from a range of constituents (public sector, education, private sector).

We understand that our community depends upon us; we likewise depend upon the community. We want to continue to develop a great software system, but see an even brighter future ahead. Imagine a vibrant community with contributions to Bro from all over the world; not just one annual conference but a wealth of events around the world; Bro training/sharing workshops with community grants and awards; a surplus of illuminating training materials and high-quality, real time support.  We see this demand on a daily basis, but we need your help to make it a reality.

Joining the Conservancy is an important first step to fulfill this vision of a larger, vibrantly engaged, community-driven project. Going further, we need resources to fuel new undertakings, to provide stability to our development efforts, and to anchor plans for the next decade of development. Consider becoming a sponsor organization today and strike the spark for the next great adventure!

Precious Metal Levels

All annual sponsors are recognized with their logos on our sponsorship page, with particular prominence going to the highest levels. Bronze sponsorship starts at $10,000 per year, Silver at $25,000 per year, Gold at $50,000 per year, and Platinum at $100,000 per year. Contact us at to discuss becoming a precious metal sponsor or the unique Singular Sustainer sponsor.


In addition to these annual sponsorships meant to sustain and grow the project, we also gladly accept donations of any size through PayPal from both individuals and organizations. Please see our web page for more information. Everything helps.

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