We are excited to announce the public release of Bro Live!

Bro Live! is a training system that gives users hands-on access to a Bro learning environment without having to download a virtual machine or its required dependencies.  Bro Live! may be built with exercises for a given class or workshop and access to the environment may be limited to the duration of the event. All the user needs is an SSH client with access to the Internet.

The inspiration for Bro Live! came from the frequent frustrations we faced when building and distributing virtual machines for our training events: files are too large, the variety of user platforms and virtualization products complicate the troubleshooting process, pushing last minute updates are difficult, too much time spent not learning Bro, etc.  Bro Live! overcomes all of these limitations by putting the responsibility back in the hands of the system engineers. Users simply open a terminal, connect to the server via ssh, create an account, and they are up and running.

How Does Bro Live! work? Bro Live! was built using Linux, OpenSSH, Docker, and Bash to glue everything together. It relies on Linux-based containers, managed by Docker, to place users in their own isolated environments with shell access to Bro, the exercises, and the standard Unix toolset. The user’s work is saved in their container typically for the duration of the training event and can be easily re-attached at anytime during the event to continue their work.

Want to host your own Bro training event with a system like this? See our work in Github for more information.  As always we welcome your feedback and bug reports, contact us at info@bro.org, follow us on Twitter, or like us on Facebook.

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