We are very excited to announce the official launch of Try.bro.org!

Try.bro is a web-based scripting sandbox made freely available to users on our site.  No login.  No installation.  No trouble.

We have included a few basic scripts and pcaps to help get you started.  You can paste your own scripts or upload your own pcaps, too.  We even included the option of version control to test your scripts against current or previous versions of Bro.  And, last but not least, Try.bro temporarily caches your work and generates a unique URL to share with others.  No more copying and pasting scripts or log files, just send the link.  We store code fragments for three days and pcaps for one hour.  The timeout is reset when the link is used.

How does Try.bro work?  Mainly we use Docker to run Bro in an isolated container.

In the few weeks we have been beta testing Try.bro it has become an extremely useful tool for collaboration, troubleshooting problems with users, and more.

We have additional features planned for Try.bro, including making it embeddable and building scripted tutorials around it for guided learning.

If you find a cool use for Try.bro or want to request a feature/report a bug, please let us know.

Contact us at info@bro.org, follow us on Twitter, or like us on Facebook.

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