We have some very exciting news to share today. The National Science
Foundation (NSF)
has awarded a new three-year grant to our team to
establish a Bro Center of Expertise at ICSI and NCSA for supporting
the NSF community in deploying Bro. The Center will provide the open-science community with a
central point of contact for “all things Bro”, and it will develop new Bro capabilities
that cater to their settings.

today’s press release
for more information about the project.

NSF has been funding much of the work we have been doing over
the last few years, and thereby facilitated Bro’s transition into a widely
deployed operational platform that started with the 2.0 release. The new award enables us to continue and extend that work
to the benefit of the Bro community at large. The
Center will become the focal point of Bro’s open-source development, and we have a rich set of ideas in our pipeline that will push Bro’s unique capabilities even further.

We are very grateful
to NSF for continuing their support, and we’re looking forward to more
exciting years ahead.

The Bro Team

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