Today we’re delighted to introduce a new venture that we’ve been preparing in the background for a little while already: the International Computer Science Institute (ICSI) is spinning off a company, Broala, that provides professional Bro services to organizations looking for an alternative beyond what the resources of the non-profit grant-funded Bro team can provide. Founded by core members of the Bro project, Broala offers strategic consulting on Bro installation, deployment, and customization, as well as individualized training and contract development. For more information, please read the full press release, then head over to

We would like to emphasize that the whole Bro team remains fully committed to our core principles that have served us so well for many years. Bro will always remain open-source under the BSD license, and ICSI will keep providing the project with a home; we’ll maintain and extend the system just as we have been doing in the past, and we’ll stay true to our research roots.  Broala is adding something new on top of what we have, it’s not taking anything away from the amazing community that has developed around Bro over the years. Indeed, we aim for Broala’s success to help ensure Bro’s long-term viability as an open-source project.  With that, please welcome Broala as a new member of the Bro community. We’re looking forward to exciting times ahead!

The Bro Team

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