I’m happy to announce the Bro Exchange for 2013 is a go! Our Bro Exchanges aim
to get a large number Bro users together into the same room to share
experiences and talk about how everyone is using Bro. This time, we’ll also add
in a bit of training similar to past Bro Workshops. We’re a little light on
specifics for the program still, but we’ll do more notifications as we pull it
program together.

The dates are going to be August 6th-8th and we will be back at the awesome
facilities offered by NCSA (National Center for Supercomputing Applications) in
Urbana, Illinois. For more information about what goes on at NCSA, you can
refer to their website: http://www.ncsa.illinois.edu

If we are going to run another successful event this year we’ll need your help.
Submit talks to us if you have something to say. Show how you use Bro and how
it fits into your local processes. Let everyone else in the community benefit
from your experimentation! Send email to us at info@bro.org to submit a talk.
We’re going to set a deadline on June 30th for talk submissions so get them in
quickly and feel free to let us know if you have an idea for a talk but you
aren’t sure if it’s presentable. We’d gladly discuss it with you.

I’m really excited and looking forward to getting together with the Bro
community again this year!

Head over to our Bro Exchange website for more information and the link to our
registration site:


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