We have finalized the dates: August 7-8, 2012. See the new Exchange 2012 web page for more information.

Due to overwhelming demand for a user meeting instead of a workshop this year I’m pleased to announce that we are going to be holding an event that we are calling “Bro Exchange 2012”. The name derives our desire to get a large number Bro users together in the same room to exchange thoughts and talk about what they are doing with Bro. I believe that the community has grown to the point where this is needed, it’s time for people to stop operating in isolation.

We received a generous offer from the folks at the National Center for Atmospheric Research in Boulder, Colorado to use their facilities. Thank you NCAR! If you are curious about what goes on at NCAR, you can check out their website: http://ncar.ucar.edu/

What we need from you now is proposals! Get in touch with us at info@bro-ids.org if you have any ideas for talks, demos, interpretive dance, anything really. We are looking for people to use and abuse Bro in any way imaginable. You will get major consideration if you talk about operationally useful aspects of Bro, but personally I would like some completely fun presentations too.

Proposals don’t need to be concretely formed at this point either. If you have an idea we are more than willing to work with you to see if we can find the nugget in your idea that could turn in a great presentation.

Here are some quick ideas for presentations:

  • Tell an appropriately anonymized story of a security incident and how Bro was or could have been used during the incident.
  • Demonstrate how you integrated Bro or Bro data with some external system.
  • Give a brain dump of feature requests or detections you’d like to see.
  • Write and perform a song. OpenBSD always has them, why not Bro?
  • Do a short tutorial of some small part of Bro akin to our workshop presentations.

I can’t wait to see what you all come up with! More information and a registration website will be coming soon.

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