We are happy to announce that Bro 2.0 is now available for download.
The source code is there already, and a few binary packages will
follow soon.(Update: Binaries are now available.)

Many of you have already tried the 2.0 Beta version that we put out
a while ago, and we have used the time since then for integrating the
feedback we received and doing a lot of further polishing. We’re
pretty happy with how 2.0 looks now and invite you to give it a try.

Bro 2.0 is a major step forward in Bro’s evolution. I’m not going
to repeat what
we already said
for the beta, but let me add that the feedback we
have received in the meantime has been extremely positive. It seems
we’re heading into the right direction, and Bro is on track to become
a crucial part in the toolbox of many operators facing the
challenge of fighting increasingly sophisticated attacks.

The part that took us the most time since the Beta is something I’m
sure many of you will appreciate: Bro’s default scripts now come with
extensive documentation in the form of embedded comments describing
their public interface—and Bro’s new “Broxygen” mode then turns
that into a comprehensive hyperlinked reference. To take a look,
browse through the new package

Now that Bro 2.0 is out, we’re looking forward to going right back
to work and start the next release cycle. We already have a number of
things in the queue that wait for integration after our self-imposed
feature freeze is finally over. And we have plenty more ideas on our
waiting for some attention.

But before that, I’d really like to thank everybody on the Bro
core team for working so hard on preparing Bro 2.0. Not only did we
make a lot of progress over the last year, but we also put some pretty
good infrastructure in place that I believe will allow us to pick up
even more steam as we proceed.

Stay tuned, and feel yourself invited to follow and perhaps even
join development on our developer’s
mailing list
. If you have a cool Bro script to share, keep the new
Scripts Repository
in mind that we are in the process of setting

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